Hydronic Heating Systems

Hydronic Heating
Baseboard hydronic heating at one time was one of the most widely used heating systems. Though many companies have gotten away from the practice, we understand the great energy transfer potential in water. We are still proud to offer hydronic heating products from Slant-Fin, and would be happy to assess your current heating system and make recommendations accordingly. Whether your heating hydronic needs are baseboard, steam, geothermal or hydronic forced air, Ellingson’s has the experience and knows how to address your needs, professionally and in a timely manner.

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Why do better homes have Slant/Fin hot water baseboard heat?

The science of better heating:

  • Gentle, draft-free heating natural convection perimeter heating chilling drafts at the outside walls where they originate.
  • Room by room comfort you control the heat in each room with adjustable baseboard dampers. Baseboard heating systems are also easier to zone than forced air systems, so you only send heat to rooms where you want it.
  • Quieter - Unique self-adjusting expansion cradles and interlocking fin design smothers pings, clicks and other heating expansion noises.
  • Quicker response baseboard heating responds quickly to your room thermostat's call for heat, maintaining a constant comfort level. No lengthy warm-up required.
  • Better fuel economy virtually no heat wasted between the boiler and the radiators. Choose oil, gas or electric boilers to provide hot water to the baseboard.
  • Slim profile for decorating freedom. Our compact Slant/Fin baseboard won't interfere with placement of furniture and drapes. The architecturally neutral design is compatible with any style home.
  • Rugged and durable Fine/Line 30 is the only residential baseboard made with commercial grade, rust resistant galvanized steel. It has heavier gauge panels and internal support brackets than ordinary baseboard, so it stands up to everyday hazards such as vacuum cleaners and playful kids.