In-Floor Heating

Cozy barefoot comfort from Ellingson’s. There are no fans to create drafts nor winds to chill as with a typical forced air system, and the air temperature is more consistent from floor to ceiling.
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Radiant Heating Systems

Quiet and Clean

As the air passes over the objects, natural convection occurs raising the air temperature of the room. An in-floor system does not utilize fans and blower motors, so the system operates quietly and drastically reduces the amount of airborne irritants that are circulated throughout a building.

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

Heated water is circulated through a network of tubing embedded in the floors, walls or ceilings. An in-floor system matches each room's individual heat loss with appropriate amounts of heat to provide maximum efficiency.
Increased efficiencies reduce the overall operating cost of the heating system and provide cost savings of 20% to 40% over conventional heating systems.

Design Flexibility

A radiant heating system can be engineered with multiple heating zones operating from a single heat source. Depending on the requirements of the building owner, an in-floor system can provide individual temperature controls for each room in order to maximize comfort or utilize a control strategy to minimize construction cost and energy consumption. A custom building deserves a custom heating system.

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