Iron Removal Systems

Ellingson’s offers both the North Star® and WATER D.O.G.® iron removal systems, providing you with the best quality water possible.

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  • North Star Iron Filter

    Naturally aspirated air used to oxidize contaminates, zeolite media filings contaminates out and back washes them to drain
    No bleach, not potassium, permanganase, no chemicals
    1 Air Aspirated Chemical Free Iron Filter
    Removes up to 10 ppm Clear or Red Iron
    Removes up to 2 ppm Hydrogen Sulfide
    Removes up to 2 ppm Maganese
    No pumps, air is aspirated into system after the back wash system
    Easy-to-use 24-volt controller, just plug transformer into wall outlet
    Full one-inch diameter riser tube for increased flow rate
    Multi-wrap fiber glass reinforced resin tank
    Multi-cycle valve with easy clamp ring and patented coated discs
    Zeolite with washed quartz underbedding
    Includes bypass valve and installation kit