Iron Removal Systems

Ellingson’s offers both the North Star® and WATER D.O.G.® iron removal systems, providing you with the best quality water possible.

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  • WATER D.O.G. Iron Filter

    • Removes 20 ppm of Iron at 20 gpm
    • Removes 2.5 ppm of Maganese at 10 gpm
    • Removes 5 ppm of Hydrogen Sulfide at 10 gpm
    • Chemical-free, safe and environmentally friendly
    • Reliable, low maintenance - no pumps, compressors, injectors
    • Small installed footprint (3'X3')
    • Easy installation
    • Low operating costs, just pennies per day
    • Patented and Patent pending technologies

    Now in a size that fits most residential application and budgets.With our patented microbubble oxygenation technology, WATER D.O.G. oxidizes iron, hydrogen sulfide odor, and manganese with...

    • Easy installation
    • No retention tanks
    • Low operating costs
    • No pumps, compressors or injectors
    • Small space footprint requirement
    • No chemicals (environmental compatibility)
    Dimensions: 19.2"H x 15.0" W x 6.5" D
    Weight: 31 pounds
    Flow rate: 10gpm

    • Current limiting software
    • All solid state electronics
    • Hall effect flow sensor
    • Bottom inlet - Top outlet
    • Lights to indicate: power - flow - service/clean - fault
    • Lifetime warranty on the unit (2 years on chamber)
  • North Star Iron Filter

    • Patented air injection/chemical-free filter technology
    • Removes up to 20 ppm Clear or Red Iron
    • Removes up to 3 ppm Hyrdrogen Sulfide
    • Removes up to 2 ppm Manganese
    • Integrated flow switch controls air pump
    • Easy-to-use 24-volt controller
    • New improved float assembly and adapter
    • Full one-inch diameter riser tube for increased flow rate
    • Multi-Wrapu2122 fiberglass reinforced resin tank
    • Multi-cycle valve with easy-clamp ring and patented Teflonu00ae discs
    • Firrite birm with washed quartz underbedding
    • Includes bypass valve and installation kit